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Hi I am Clint Mullins. I do most of the work on the web-page. So
yell at me if you think it sucks. j/k. Coke is the best, but I am out of it so I am drinking Pepsi. (Yuck!)
I like this one. I hit this one. Good thing you cant see how far it went.

Yeah some people think I am weird. hmmmmmmmm...............
Maybe I am. Sway!
I am 18 and I am in a Christian band with Branden. We are called forty
minus one. God has done so many awesome things for our band. Go to the
Links page to go to our band page.
My awesome guitar!
I love my guitar.
Dude i need a name for my guitar. If anyone has a cool
name please tell me. She needs one.
I Love You All! Later, & God Bless.
Please keep coming back. I will be working on it all the time.